Friday, July 13, 2012

Size 10 Skinny Jeans!!!

WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! I went shopping a couple of days ago, money in hand, in search of some new clothes. Clothes that actually fit. Not having anything to wear is a nice problem to have, but needing clothes to go out in public is necessary! I managed to pick up a few bargains but what I was really searching for was a pair of black skinny jeans. A must for any girls wardrobe. 

I went into Jeans West, hoping I'd have some luck. The girl in there was like a jeans guru. She knew everything there was to know about jeans. I tried on about 5 pairs but was having no luck. They were either too big, too small, too loose in the legs but tight in the waist or vise-versa! She was troubled! Then she said, "Hang on!" and scurried away. She came back with a pair of SIZE 10 black jeans. I look at her incredulously and emphatically stated, "They are not going to fit me!" But like the all-knowing guru she was, she just gently said, "Just try them." And walked away. So I did. I put on these jeans and THEY FIT ME!!!! SIZE 10!!! And to think I was a size 20 only 7 months ago! 

So here's the photo (taken by my beautiful 4 year old daughter Amelie!)