Thursday, July 19, 2012


It has come to my attention today just how much of a difference sharing my journey has made to others. Friends have been motivated to start their own health journey, others are getting out and moving. I feel a bit awed by how much a human being can be motivated by others actions. I do it myself. I see someone a little (or a lot!) further along on their journey, be it fitness, physical challenges, weight loss or whatever and it spurs me along knowing that someone else has been where I am and has persevered to reach their goals. That means I can do it too! The thing is, the encouragement I have received from the very people I have been inspiring throughout the last 7 months is what has spurred me on. What a beautiful cycle that is. I am encouraged, so I achieve more. My achievements inspire others so they encourage me again and then I achieve more and my achievements inspire others. And on and on it goes. 

So if you're reading this today, ask yourself the question: How can this play out in my life? Your goals/dreams/passions may not be fitness/health related but whatever they are, pursue them your all, for your very actions WILL inspire others! 

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