Monday, August 27, 2012

Bring on Round 3!

As many of you know, I signed up to Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation in late December this year for Round 1. I just need to say from the outset that I love this program. I love that it spells everything out so clearly. I love that I now understand a lot more about my body, what it needs by way of nutrition and exercise but most of all I LOVE that I know have a community of people that I can tap into for motivation, inspiration, support and a kick in the pants when I need it! I am constantly amazed by the level of support that the crew offer one another, whether it be on the forums and for me here in Townsville it's the 12wbt Townsville Crew. We have the most AMAZING team of people up here. We do regular training together, support one another and share how we are doing and when we have 'failed'. This group of people have picked me up time and time again.

I went solo during Round 2 and I'll be honest, I really struggled. I did manage to lose a couple of kilograms and was very pleased to get well into my healthy weight range, however my mental battles were really tough! I struggled big time with food and my addiction to it. There was not enough moderation and too much binging. I was super frustrated with myself and felt myself sinking back into a hole. 

So this brings me to Round 3. There really was no question of 'if' I was going to sign up for this round. I'm in. 100%. I still have many lessons to learn. I still have so much to learn about myself, my habits, my weaknesses, my strengths, my passions and my desire to learn new things. I commit to utilising the 12wbt page, watching the mindset lessons, using the forums, accessed the 12wbt Townsville Crew Facebook page. I WILL say when I'm struggling and reach out for help. I WILL blog and motivate myself to keep going. I will 'just do it' even when I don't feel like it. I'm in this, long haul, life long. I want my health, vitality and that of my family to be top notch so that we can enjoy a long and happy life together. Who's with me?!

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