Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm currently working my way through the excuses I use to wheedle my way out of exercising and eating well. This has been a valuable exercise for me as more and more these excuses are cropping up in my vocabulary and they need to stop. No more I say!

So here they are.

1. I'm too tired
Solution: Go to bed by 8.30, don't over commit.
2. I don't feel like eating that today.
Solution: Have a few options (particularly for lunch) that you can choose from so that this excuse goes out the window. Have options for a hot meal, a wrap, something to put on toast or ingredients to whip up a smoothie in the TMX.
3. I've come far enough, I don't really need to do anymore
Solution: You've already gone backwards since finishing last time by putting back on 5kg. You feel yuck from the yucky food, you feel yuck from not exercising and you're not liking what you see in the mirror. Stop saying you don't need to keep going when clearly easing off the pedal is not doing anything for you.
4. I'm not motivated
Solution: How many times have you said to others that it's not about motivation, it's about making a choice? Make the choice to get out of bed, get on the treadmill, do a DVD ANYWAY, even if you don't feel like it.
5. I've failed at maintaining and fallen off the wagon.
Solution: You have not failed if you're sitting here working through these excuses. This is just another phase in your journey. You're discovering more about yourself and it's ok that you've taken a couple of backwards steps, as long as you start moving forward again. You have got this.
6. You've earned it (dodgy food, slacking off etc)
Solution: You have not 'earned' the right to eat food low in nutritional value when you have exercised. You have merely treated your body well by getting moving. Reward your body with a good food and a big glass of water. You'll feel better for it and not yucky and like a sloth.
7. I'm too busy.
Solution: Everyone is busy. Be super organised, pre plan where possible and schedule in your exercise.
8. The kids wake up too early so I can't exercise.
Solution: Get up and go on the treadmill downstairs or go down and do a DVD. Take Levi with you and put him in the portacot with some toys.
9. I can't pick the kids up from kindy then leave them to go and exercise after being away from them all day.
Solution: Get Toby to pick the kids up, go to Spartan at 4.30 pm and you'll be home just after them anyway.
10. I haven't taken any meat out of the freezer for dinner.
 Solution: Make a quick lentil base 'meat' and have nachos or spaghetti. Whip up a quick beetroot salad or coleslaw.
11. My day is too busy so just stop for takeaway for lunch.
 Solution: Buy a cooler bag and take your lunch with you in the car, no matter if you think you'll make it back to the office or not. Your day is very unpredictable so minimise the chance that you'll be stuck without food and being forced to make decisions when you're hungry. Always keep a muesli bar in your handbag for emergencies. Drink lots of water.

I am worth making the effort for. I am allowed to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am stronger than I think. 

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