Sunday, June 17, 2012

Goal Setting Time

Weight Loss & Measurement Goals (by end of August)

1. Lose 5kg
I'm currently 3.8kg away from my initial goal of 66kg but I'm determined to get to 64kg as I believe this will be the ideal weight for me within my healthy weight range.

2. Lose 5cm from my hips
I'm finally starting to see some movement in my problem areas - hips and stomach. I want this 5cm GONE!

3. Move completely into size 12 clothing.
I'm currently wearing a couple of pairs of size 12 pants, jeans and tops but mainly still in size 14. I want to say goodbye to size 14!

Fitness Goals: 1 month

4 Swim 200m non-stop 
Begin swim training three days each week for 45 minutes

5. Complete the Dianella Track/Cutheringa Track run in 50 minutes.
Current PB is 58m45s. I can cut this time by doing the uphill run non-stop and faster and increasing my run speed around the bottom of the hill.

Fitness Goals: 2 months

6. Complete the 10km Townsville Airport Fun Run on 5th August

7. Swim 400m non-stop

Fitness Goals: 3 months

8. Swim 600m non-stop

9. Complete the SportsMed Triathlon Enticer (400m/12km/4km) on 15 September.


  1. Christy,
    I love your goals, they are so clear. You will do this cause you ROCK!

  2. Thanks Karen :) I'm going to do my best!