Monday, June 25, 2012

New PB!

It was a beautiful, overcast and cool afternoon yesterday, so what better time than to go for a run. I had another crack at the Dianella/Goat Track up Castle Hill yesterday, as my 1 month goal is to complete this in under 50 minutes. My time last Saturday was 58:15. Yesterday was 54:40!!! Around 3.5 minutes off. I'm not sure where exactly I picked up that time, I think my general run speed was faster and I really pushed the last 1km. Feeling a bit sore today! 

I'm still struggling a fair bit with food but happy with my exercise regime and am maintaining steadily at 69kg which I'm very happy with. 

Nothing quite like a sweaty beetroot face to show for your hard work! Now to hit the swimming hard this week! Off to buy some swimmers today!


  1. Good on you for maintaining your weight. I too get a crazy beetroot face when I work out. I also sweat. My husband is grossed out because he does get red or sweat - but I also thinks he doesn't work out hard enough. Rachel x

  2. Wow - this is so inspiring! Well done!

    Good on you for joining the QLD bloggers group on FB, a great place to meet some great peeps...

    I hope I wasn't too forward in recommending my linky over on the FB page, but I am a pretty new blogger myself and I found that linking in with linkies made such a difference to my blogging and my stats...I just figured if I didn't share what I was writing, no-one would read it! Food for thought for you...


  3. Thanks! It's been quite a journey this past six months and one that has been life changing for me and my family.

    B: No problem recommending your blog. Thanks for sharing :)