Friday, June 8, 2012


This morning I was walking up Castle Hill, with Levi in the carrier on my back. I realised that I should have started a blog 5 months ago when I began this journey of becoming healthier, fitter and stronger for my kids to read when they're older, and to re-live the memories for myself. So today it starts. My blog.

A week after giving birth to Levi, I weighed myself. The number on the scales read 96.6kg. I wasn't surprised but I also knew that this needed to be the last time I read that number on the scales. Fast forward a few weeks and we have Boxing Day. The first day of my monumental decision to get my health back, and the health of my family.  I signed up the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12wbt). I started exercising and burning 500 calories a day and eating 1700 calories a day (allowing for breastfeeding). The weight began to fall off, I made some fabulous new friends through the Townsville Crew of the 12wbt and pressed on. By the start of the official 1st Round of the 12wbt I had lost 10kg. This spurred me forward. The following 12 weeks resulted in me losing another 13kg by mid-May. Today my weightloss stands at 26.2kg in 5 months. I feel like I've got my life back.

Levi has been with me along this journey the past 5 months, in the pram whilst I walk and run, in the carrier on my jaunts up the Hill, early morning workouts with friends and 4am strolls when he just won't sleep.On my walk this morning, I was struck by how precious these mornings with him are, and how quickly he will grow and this season will be over.

I plan to live a long, healthy life with my husband and kids. No going back.