Sunday, June 10, 2012


Had a mammoth day training yesterday. Levi woke early so I decided to head up Castle Hill before going to Spartan. So glad I did! It was a beautiful morning! Levi snored the whole way up. Quickly raced home after to drop Levi off and get the girls breakfast before heading off to Spartan. Brad absolutely smashed us! I think my heart was about to explode out of my chest as I did the circuit, but it was so worth it! 1109 calories burnt for the day!

My big breakthrough for the day was heading down to the strand with the kids to meet some friends for a play and dinner. I knew we'd be getting fish n chips and for the first time I actually made the better choice, went in prepared and it paid off! I packed a salad from home, plenty of fruit for the kids and some crackers and hummus for myself. When it came time for dinner I just order grilled fish and wait for it, NO CHIPS! It was hard in that moment not to but as I was eating my salad and fish, it was so delicious, I felt fulfilled after my meal and the best thing is, no guilt!

I've been catching myself out on some excuses lately. The main one is justifying bad food choices by saying, "That's just real life, things come up". For example, having friends visiting and going out to dinner and eating food that's not good for me when I could easily eat at the same restaurant and make a healthy choice. Yes, it is 'real life' to go out for dinner, and even eat gelati for dessert, but moderation and being in control are crucial in these situations. Letting things blow out of control and just going nuts eating everything in sight is not doing myself any favours. Toby and I took the kids to Fasta Pasta the other night as I won a $50 voucher from a local radio station. The kids were rapt as they're favourite food is pasta. I'll admit that I was drooling at the thought of eating a delicious plate of pasta, and I had all intentions of ordering an entree size. We got there and I order a main size pasta (which was delicious I might add!), ate a heap of the free bread with butter that they keep bringing out, and absolutely gorged myself. The pleasure I felt in the moment of eating was quickly replaced by feeling so ill from overeating, and abusing my body. So many people say to me that it's okay to go out for dinner and enjoy it. I wholeheartedly agree. My problem however is the emotional attachment I have with food, to gorge myself beyond what my body needs or wants. This isn't okay. I WILL learn how to go out to dinner and eat just the right amount and enjoy every morsel and walk away feeling proud. These are all good lessons learned. The very next day after the pasta incident, was the day I chose grilled fish over deep fried fish and chips. I am a work in progress.


  1. Well done Christy on choosing the Grilled fish with salad! I don't think I would have had that self control at all. It's so easy to make the excuses, isn't it?! You are such an inspiration! :)

  2. It's taken a long time to get to this point Hayley! I just hope I can start to make these choices consistently! Thanks for your encouragement!